Palmeira provides over 320 hard skill and soft skill courses provided by our team of specialist trainers and creators from within their respected fields.
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Certification & Accrediting Bodies

Our 320 + courses are accredited & certified by numerous globally recognised bodies including GUEST, IAMI, WSET, MCA, Malta, Highfields, Mental Health England, LSC and ILM.

Leadership & Management

Ranging from Senior Board Level Leadership training programs to Mid & Entry level courses, our modules cover: Leadership & Management, Communication, Motivation, Conflict Management, Personal Development, Motivation and Engagement, developing teams, Thinking skills and Decision Making among others. 

Mental Health

Our commitment to Mental Health programs has been one of the key foundation stones of the company and our diverse portfolio covers a vast range of topics including MH Awareness, First Aid, Champion, Gambling & Suicide Prevention, Safeguarding, Addiction and Recovery, Optimising Staff MFR, Building a corporate MFR Strategy and many other specialists’ programs for all ages.

Human Ressources & Recruitment

Our HR , Recruitment & Retention programs include subjects as diverse as Building a Recruitment Strategy, Interview techniques, Performance Management, Training and Development, Exit interviews, HR Resources, Board Level Appraisals and Co-Creating employee journeys. We tailor our programs to your industry, be it Corporate, Maritime or Hospitality.


We provide a diverse range of accounting and back office fiscal courses that have been specifically adapted to the Maritime and Hospitality industry and these include VAT, Charter, Budgeting, Tax, Balance Sheet Creation, Profit & Loss & Cash Flow Forecasting as well as basic and advanced accounts .

Hospitality & Service Specialty

We specialise in this field and our courses include everything for Housekeepers, Front of House, Service and Food & Hygiene.

Courses include : Advanced House Keeping, Linen & Laundry, 6 Stars Service, Pure Service Excellence, Table and Scene Setting, Event Management, Cultural Difference, Etiquette, Mixology, Barista, Cigars, Caviar and many other specific seven star programs. 

Software & Privacy

Our portfolio of training programs for software are delivered across platforms as diverse as Microsoft, Bullhorn, Zero, IDEA, Voly, Total Superyacht, PinPointWorks, QuickBooks, Sage & Freshware, GDPR, Passwords, Data Handling, Computer Theft, Phishing and Ransomware, Removable Media, Vishing and managing Internet Downloads. 

Security & Cyber Safety

We have a range of specialist courses developed in house as well as well as by partners covering topics as diverse as Human Vulnerability, Informational Security, Insider threat management, Social Media & its Toxic effects on teams, Common Aggressors, Counter terrorist ‘dynamic decision making’ (DDM), Hostile Surveillance Identification (HIS) and all STCW safety programs.

Maritime Interior Specialist

Our fully accredited specialist Maritime training offer over 150 topics for Pursers, Stewardesses, House Keepers and chefs. These courses cover Hygiene Level 1,2 & 3, Ships Cook Certificate, interior Service & House Keeping, Barista, Mixology, Butler, Administration, Yacht Operations, Port Clearances, Muster Duties, Destination Management, Maritime law, Crowd Control, VAT, accounting and a whole host of others.

Maritime Engineering, Safety, Deck & Bridge Specialist

Our fully accredited specialist Maritime training courses are delivered under the MCA and Malta Flag state governing bodies and cover a range of over 70 topics as diverse as STCW, OOW, Master 3000 & Master Unlimited, Recreational Skipper, Master 200, Efficient Deckhand and include 70 other flagged state courses. 


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