Our technology enables you to inspire and empower your employees from day one
Orientation, Onboarding, Knowledge Management, SOP’s, and Continual Training  Development made easy
The Palmeira Way…

On-Demand – Any Device , Anywhere

Access your platform on any device – mobile,tablet, desktop from anywhere in the world both online and offline.

Customised branding

We understand the importance of having a consistent and familiar look and feel.

We customize your VLE platform with your organisation’s colors, fonts, and logos so that you and your staff feel right at home.

Including a full branded app that enables your employees to access their content anytime, anywhere, even if they are offline.

Assessments & Feedback

It’s important to learn from our mistakes in a risk-free and safe environment.

Your system allows you to offer frequent knowledge checks, assessments, exams, assignments, and feedback to your employees.

All quizzes can be randomised to minimise repeating questions so every new attempt is unique.

We make it a doddle for you to provide effective 1:1 or group feedback to your employees.

Modular learning


A ‘Pick n Mix’ offering of all our courses and content is laid out neatly in an easy-to-access, user-friendly modular format. 

We also offer a tailored service of creating bespoke content and courses from a huge library of ready-made templates to choose from.


With our reporting tool, the Senior Management Team or Line managers can monitor individuals or the entire team’s learning progress and offer appropriate guidance and feedback at any stage during their learning journey.

Daily updates are added to your employee dashboards or set up to send via periodic emails to important stakeholders without you lifting a finger!


Keep your staff engaged with important notifications on the platform. Welcome messages, overdue programs, upcoming assessment reminders,  forum posts, calendar events, and personal messages, all in one single easy-to-use platform.

Notifications are fully customisable and the frequency is determined by you. 

Recieve them on your email or your mobile phone when you download the app.

Hierarchy based automation

From top to bottom of your organisational structure we streamline the entire learning process with minimal administration

Automating all onboarding, orientation, SOP’s, and CPD’s  so that you don’t have to manually hold every new or old employee’s hand

Your programs are tailored, scheduled, and assigned to individuals or groups depending on their job role, country, city, building, floor, or department.

Access can be on a timed basis with limits set so that targets are met.


The forums are a handy addition to a human-centered learning environment.

Keep the lines of communication open and publish course announcements all in one place.

You can also use the forums as an effective peer learning aid for your new and old employees alike.

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