PDNA & Pals TM

  My ‘Palmeira Pal’ TM

Training is fundamental to all employees personal & economic growth and yet it is simply not available to millions of people around the world. To solve this problem, we founded the “Palmeira Pals”™ Program – and its central to us and our purpose.

Digital Literacy, Mental Health, Leadership, Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication plus 320+ other core soft and hard skills available to share with your “Pals”™

The premise is simple , Holistically Driven – our “Pals” program is where you and your company “gift free training on a 1 for 1 basis.

This enables you to gift to any person anywhere within the developing world the opportunity to study on the platform. “Pals” brings you and them together to create dialogue, share learning tips and ultimately create lifelong friendships and provide previously inaccessible employment opportunities between companies and continents for all our “Pals”.

If you have 10,000 employees, then you are positively changing the lives of 10,000 other human beings

The widespread adoption of smartphones in the developing world means that training can be gifted to your “Pal” TM anywhere in the world.

Since the UK lowered its annual contribution to Foreign Aid, we offer a dual pronged solution to resolving the aid budget reduction by granting free education to the developing world and allowing you to meet your own mandatory company training requirements for your own staff, creating opportunities for others with your aid contribution defined as a training donation.

Gift the skills that are the most in need.

Your PDNA ™

PDNA – creating opportunity directly from your learning profile by analysing the rate at which you absorb, retain, and recall information and all tracked in real-time.

Your learning profile is your Palmeira DNA.

DNA is the instructions that you are born with, and which tell your body how to grow, function, and learn.

Block learning at school breaks that inherent fluid learning chain, but we are reharnessing and retraining you to have the ability to absorb, retain and recall huge volumes of information in your own unique way.

image of DNA

From this PDNA™ you can create new opportunities for your employees – from new employment to graduate programs, scholarships & bursaries, internships & apprentice schemes, new role opportunities, and retirement mentoring programs

Your PDNA™ data Is NOT about content and how best to commercialise and use it – It’s strictly private and you own it, but the combined data that you can collect and use ethically can help maximise all individual employees potential within your workplace.

Gain an Edge over your competitors and harness your company’s PDNA™