Our bespoke virtual learning environment platform enables hotel and residential Staff to excel as human beings.
1. Onboarding & Orientation

Together we co-create a bespoke branded state-of-the-art onboarding, orientation, and induction platform for your staff.

From contract signature to arrival at their workplace for their first day of work, staff have already bought into the values, vision and ethos of your property.

2. Processes & SOPs

We co-create a dynamic and interactive set of bite-sized Standard Operating Procedure courses.

These are done by department and by role and they cover all processes and functions needed by that individual in order to do the job professionally and competently from day one on site.

3. A lifelong Continual Training Development program

We open a raft of our fully certified courses to each one of your staff based on your individual operating structure and their desire to learn more.The range of courses cover 250+ subjects from Mental Health, Leadership and Safeguarding to specialist subjects that offer interesting, dynamic learning pathways that enable your staff to thrive as human beings no matter where they are working.

4. Live & Online Learning

Our cutting-edge Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) has been developed to provide you with an enhanced and unrivalled live online learning experience. Live course sessions and specialist lectures are delivered online via Zoom, BBB and Teams throughout the duration of each of our Live and Online Courses. All sessions are recorded* and made available on your branded VLE exclusively for your classes’ intake. This means if your staff can’t make a live session, they  can watch it the same day on catch up or throughout the duration of your course.

5. E-Learning

1000’s of hours of interactive SCORM driven courses and workshops for a true E-learning journey with a difference. Self-development & Core learning that is directly applicable to your role and aligned to your own personal growth development plan and goals and all delivered when and where you want to learn. Everything you’ll need to successfully complete any E-programme is on your bespoke VLE from the core course content through to reference documents, activities, assessments, and post-programme support forum.

6. On-site Bespoke Learning

We provide a series of onsite interactive bespoke courses, workshops and Key Note Speeches to our clients globally. During Live sessions we encourage collaboration and experience sharing among delegates by using breakout rooms, group activities and by providing a safe space to speak out and get support.

7. Courses

You can choose from our menu of 120 courses designed specifically for the hospitality sector and these can all be edited to suit your company’s vision as a world leader in providing diverse content to your work force.

8. Our Technology

This immersive interactive educational environment is proven to lead to longer staff retention, empowers intellectual growth, inspires further learning experiences across a much broader set of topics and reduces the churn of staff leaving to gain experience or pay increases from a competitor somewhere else within the industry. Our bespoke platforms deliver a fundamentally positive effect across all parts of your team and in many cases we see a fiscal reduction in the recruitment and HR overheads.

9. Subscribe to the Pals Program

Employers have a “legal obligation” to train their employees. Employers have a “moral obligation” to donate to charitable causes. You can achieve both your “legal and moral” goals with one simple decision: Subscribe to the “Pals “ TM Program.

Fulfill both your statutory employee training requirements as well as your holistic charitable mandate by gifting training to individuals who can’t afford access to life changing training programs. Digital Literacy, Mental Health, Leadership, Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication plus 320+ other core soft and hard skills available to share with your “Pals”TM

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